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@realdonaldtrump - about 5 hours ago
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Jim Banks: New York Times Damaged National Security to Hurt Trump
posted about 7 hours ago
@realdonaldtrump - about 7 hours ago
Jim Banks: New York Times Damaged National Security to Hurt Trump https://t.co/6jT8bLIFYf via @BreitbartNews Thank… https://t.co/RozU34GLO8
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@realdonaldtrump - about 8 hours ago
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
Congressman Jeff Van Drew (@VanDrewForNJ) is a Courageous Leader who defended me against Pelosi’s Impeachment Scam… https://t.co/u3swa11rNr
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
Congressman @DrPaulGosar is a tremendous supporter of our #MAGA agenda! He is Strong on the Wall, Law Enforcement a… https://t.co/FZsBaGH6bQ
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
Tony Gonzales (@TonyGonzales4TX) will be a GREAT Congressman for Texas! A Navy veteran, he is Strong on the Economy… https://t.co/OGQSu4fOXb
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
...talks big for the worker, but never delivers. Tim Ryan was a failed Presidential candidate and he keeps failing… https://t.co/7AEupOTaXr
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
Christina Hagan (@RepHagan) will be an incredible Congresswoman for the working families of Northeast Ohio. An earl… https://t.co/tDB2bQepMT
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
....I know Ronny well. He will NEVER let you down. Solid as a rock. Ronny has my Complete and Total Endorsement!… https://t.co/4owW9c1gwh
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
[email protected] is a spectacular man. An Admiral in the Navy, he is a brave and loyal Warrior who loves our Milit… https://t.co/m8nRxU9mD6
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
My friend, @BillHagertyTN, will be a phenomenal Senator for Tennessee! He did an incredible job for our country as… https://t.co/QsKLhwqyuj
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
Congratulations, @BurgessOwens, on your impressive primary victory! A Super Bowl Champion, Burgess knows how to WIN… https://t.co/4EphDWu9kK
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@realdonaldtrump - about 24 hours ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Actually, a must read. Really good! https://t.co/SM7xBuuwPe
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
There is a rise in Coronavirus cases because our testing is so massive and so good, far bigger and better than any… https://t.co/2wD9VkoQya
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
He cannot pass the test I “aced”. He should give it a try!!! https://t.co/4U6pny2D6y
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Mail-In Ballots will lead to massive electoral fraud and a rigged 2020 Election. Look at all of the cases and examp… https://t.co/v7ZVCkujeD
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
[email protected] should move Fredo back to the morning slot. He was rewarded for bad ratings with a much better time slot - an… https://t.co/Y2Os2xjWSL
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Darrell always has had my full support and complete and total Endorsement. We need him badly in Washington! https://t.co/pKLFtFZlip
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Minnesota, we need Lacy Johnson in Washington, D.C. Has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He’s tough and smart - a… https://t.co/leUi2zFrAf
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
The Governor of North Carolina, @RoyCooperNC, made it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for the Republican Party to have its Co… https://t.co/bydTjPcFfz
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
If I didn’t demand that National Guard Troops go into Minneapolis after watching how poorly the Liberal Democrat go… https://t.co/ut7Qw6uxTE
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
“It’s a trap because they want to tank the economy and make everything look trrrible so they can make President Tru… https://t.co/xmmU5rvojf
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
The United States has been experiencing, believe it or not, Historically Low Crime Rates. The last thing we will b… https://t.co/peaoaZZ84b
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Thank you George! https://t.co/dGGdTTMrhy
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Dr. Taylor Marshall, author. “There Is A War On Christianity”. @OANN
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
We MUST lower drug prices for patients! @ChuckGrassley, @HouseGOP, and @MikeCrapo have SHOWN LEADERSHIP while… https://t.co/V6UQLTe1Zy
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! #MAGA https://t.co/W3Ify8K2tH
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
News Conference at 9:30. Great Jobs Numbers!
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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USMCA Replaces NAFTA as Trump Delivers on One of Biggest Promises
posted 3 days ago
@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Special thank you to the @UnitedWarVets, @GrucciFireworks, @Scotts_MGro, and @FedEx — for their support of what wil… https://t.co/xThpCGbTOy
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
....horrible BLM chant, “Pigs In A Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon”. Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized… https://t.co/Xusckklf9F
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
NYC is cutting Police $’s by ONE BILLION DOLLARS, and yet the @NYCMayor is going to paint a big, expensive, yellow… https://t.co/3neFb18OAv
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Biden was asked questions at his so-called Press Conference yesterday where he read the answers from a teleprompter… https://t.co/XWJC9pPUNj
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
“No corroborating evidence to back reports.” Department of Defense. Do people still not understand that this is all… https://t.co/PQT9mvu4kQ
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
WOW. Record Growth in 2nd Quarter! Under Corrupt Joe Biden and his MASSIVE Tax and Regulation increases, Markets, a… https://t.co/M4iL5n5gbb
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
My Executive Order to protect Monuments, Statues etc., IS IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT. In excess of a 10 year prison t… https://t.co/rxdAp5ZpBC
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican… https://t.co/x2I35nc8Aq
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Congratulations to @foxandfriends on completely dominating the just released morning TV Ratings. Morning Joke, star… https://t.co/v55KR2sHAF
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Can’t believe how badly @CNN has done in the newly released TV ratings. They are so far below @FoxNews (thank you P… https://t.co/yoEKtnUHRY
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
“Minneapolis City Council unanimously approves proposal to disband police.” @TIME The Democrats would do this all… https://t.co/vmy73bYPFE
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Happening fast! https://t.co/OPNWib2t0K
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (of all people!) Amendment, which w… https://t.co/EpclK9iWR4
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Congratulations on a really great win! https://t.co/rMpFiV6LvY
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
I know better than anyone that my friend Roger Ailes died 3 years ago, just look at what happened to @FoxNews. We all miss Roger!!!
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
He knew the questions and still couldn’t answer them. Lamestream Media being laughed at all over the world! https://t.co/TRX8XdaKgg
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
She gets fired by @CNN for giving Crooked Hillary the debate questions, and gets hired by @FoxNews. Where are you R… https://t.co/IMFg9lnKGc
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
At the request of many great Americans who live in the Suburbs, and others, I am studying the AFFH housing regulati… https://t.co/lSu5GrwSCd
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
This is a battle to save the Heritage, History, and Greatness of our Country! #MAGA2020
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
As I watch the Pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world, including the tremendous damage it has done to t… https://t.co/qTmMr7rfY1
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
Today’s SCOTUS ruling is a historic win for families who want SCHOOL CHOICE NOW! #SchoolChoice is a civil rights is… https://t.co/oKgnP98pU5
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
Chuck, we will get lower drug prices done. Thanks! https://t.co/R6VSSFE9Q0
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