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Trump News Today

Trump News Today is an aggregation of recent articles, tweets, and video featuring Donald Trump. We try hard to publish content from viewpoints across the entire political spectrum. This site is not intended to favor left or right viewpoints, but rather a source to absorb the overall sentiment of our President in the news.

@realdonaldtrump - about 1 hour ago
We now have the greatest Economy in history! https://t.co/8fLOejOpxH
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@realdonaldtrump - about 2 hours ago
Shifty Adam Schiff wants to rest his entire case on a Whistleblower who he now says can’t testify, & the reason he… https://t.co/n8QdZpH8Q4
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@realdonaldtrump - about 2 hours ago
.... It also brings Shifty’s fraudulent MADE UP CALL, which he read to the United States Congress pretending it to… https://t.co/35xVX2E90u
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@realdonaldtrump - about 6 hours ago
https://t.co/Kj1LtwYSXa https://t.co/YgXImlvOYd
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@realdonaldtrump - about 9 hours ago
The @StLouisBlues amazing comeback reminds us to never give up – and never lose faith. When you work hard, support… https://t.co/g68uGs3i2R
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@realdonaldtrump - about 9 hours ago
Congratulations @StLouisBlues! https://t.co/WjlWYFuiE6
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@realdonaldtrump - about 11 hours ago
Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigining momentarily?
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@realdonaldtrump - about 12 hours ago
Join me in Dallas, Texas this Thursday (October 17th) at the American Airlines Center! #KAG2020 Tickets:… https://t.co/kEzQhhFyWb
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@realdonaldtrump - about 13 hours ago
Mississippi, there is a VERY important election for Governor on November 5th. I need you to Get Out and Vote for ou… https://t.co/yKvRT8l0Fp
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@realdonaldtrump - about 13 hours ago
....He loves our Military and supports our Vets! Get out and Vote for Tate Reeves on November 5th. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!
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@realdonaldtrump - about 13 hours ago
Just out: MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME IS AT THE HIGHEST POINT EVER, EVER, EVER! How about saying it this way, IN THE HI… https://t.co/eeLFQHSr3z
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@realdonaldtrump - about 13 hours ago
Governor @MattBevin has done a wonderful job for the people of Kentucky! He continues to protect your very importan… https://t.co/9NdcLWh6LD
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@realdonaldtrump - about 14 hours ago
Hunter Biden was really bad on @GMA. Now Sleepy Joe has real problems! Reminds me of Crooked Hillary and her 33,000… https://t.co/tOckL4IeUG
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@realdonaldtrump - about 15 hours ago
Democrats are allowing no transparency at the Witch Hunt hearings. If Republicans ever did this they would be excor… https://t.co/JMEXW76rhs
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
“Project Veritas-Obtained Undercover Videos Highlight Jeff Zucker’s (@CNN) Campaign To Destroy Trump. Videos Reveal… https://t.co/yJSfxoGt7e
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
A big scandal at @ABC News. They got caught using really gruesome FAKE footage of the Turks bombing in Syria. A rea… https://t.co/rpWELuwzAF
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Shifty Schiff now seems to think they don’t need the Whistleblower, who started the whole Scam. The reason is that… https://t.co/nuvZedQ0M4
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
"The House gone rogue! I want to remind you a little bit about the ring leader in this whole rogue operation agains… https://t.co/BDIPAMiPY2
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
"It doesn't speak for the FULL HOUSE because the FULL HOUSE hasn't spoken. The Democrat Party is pushing this Impea… https://t.co/p6zsUcVqbu
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
"The Democrat Party has hijacked the House of Representatives..." @MarkLevinShow https://t.co/SZhfmhzec2
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Turkey’s Actions in Northeast Syria https://t.co/ZCQC7nzmME
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Some people want the United States to protect the 7,000 mile away Border of Syria, presided over by Bashar al-Assad… https://t.co/pG9jiXa0m0
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
....I would much rather focus on our Southern Border which abuts and is part of the United States of America. And b… https://t.co/2xn7S7R3pq
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
....and Assad to protect the land of our enemy? Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good wi… https://t.co/J9iDn7buKt
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
After defeating 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, I largely moved our troops out of Syria. Let Syria and Assad protect th… https://t.co/ejPW1QQ1zM
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
....Don't the Europeans have a lot of responsibility?” @KatiePavlich Thank you Katie, I offered ISIS prisoners to t… https://t.co/Tqq2rU4BiB
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
“To his credit the Europeans didn't step up to deal with this ISIS problem – it’s a lot of the reason why we are in… https://t.co/e4GT6FXUkt
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Great new book, "Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America" out by Kimberley Strassel of the… https://t.co/KKlZjr0xjS
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
....of the correction which they knew about full well! “Fox News Pollster Braun Research Misrepresented Impeachment Poll: Analysis” @NYPost
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
The Fox Impeachment poll has turned out to be incorrect. This was announced on Friday. Despite this, the Corrupt Ne… https://t.co/DHLXva1mdP
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
America First!
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Wow! Hunter Biden is being forced to leave a Chinese Company. Now watch the Fake News wrap their greasy and very pr… https://t.co/cZmD0wfqjD
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Will be looking into the Scott Hapgood case, and the Island of Anguilla. Something looks and sounds very wrong. I k… https://t.co/BW1HIo84Fj
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Vote for good guy @seanspicer tonight on Dancing With The Stars. He has always been there for us!
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Happy Columbus Day!
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
The same people who got us into the Middle East mess are the people who most want to stay there!
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Brian Kilmeade over at @foxandfriends got it all wrong. We are not going into another war between people who have b… https://t.co/c8akRUK0hn
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
....Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many… https://t.co/6sZ5C29SNT
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Former Democrat Senator Harry Reid just stated that Donald Trump is very smart, much more popular than people think… https://t.co/4ZSNsALd9U
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
....Democrat’s game was foiled when we caught Schiff fraudulently making up my Ukraine conversation, when I release… https://t.co/jkgo4VlH8h
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
Adam Schiff now doesn’t seem to want the Whistleblower to testify. NO! Must testify to explain why he got my Ukrain… https://t.co/Mrm2RoGnus
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
“The Democrats are trashing this President, & in the process, trashing the U.S. Constitution. Frankly, the American… https://t.co/3eseHGpLfX
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
“Serial killers get more Due Process than the Democrats give to the President of the United States.” @marklevinshow
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
Somebody please explain to Chris Wallace of Fox, who will never be his father (and my friend), Mike Wallace, that t… https://t.co/ZLLDO4GtIJ
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
The U.S. has the worst of the ISIS prisoners. Turkey and the Kurds must not let them escape. Europe should have tak… https://t.co/E2BjDqqaj0
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
[email protected] on @FoxNews is doing a big show tonight on the Democrat’s Impeachment Scam. 10:00 P.M. No guests, j… https://t.co/OlFsmmxGPB
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
“Congressman Adam Schiff, who when seeing the REAL Ukraine phone call Transcript decided he’d better make up one of… https://t.co/pFTgosMdkM
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
.....BY THE WAY, DON’T CALL ME AGAIN, I’LL CALL YOU WHEN YOU’VE DONE WHAT I’VE ASKED.’” A reminder, that wasn’t jus… https://t.co/pnCglWdk4M
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
My deal with China is that they will IMMEDIATELY start buying very large quantities of our Agricultural Product, no… https://t.co/tQFkHtgrrN
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
....I agreed not to increase Tariffs from 25% to 30% on October 15th. They will remain at 25%. The relationship wit… https://t.co/7U5s4Lszcp
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
The Democrats are going to lose a lot of House Seats because of their Fraudulent use of Impeachment. Schiff fabrica… https://t.co/pAttjMlRV9
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
Happy Birthday @USNavy! https://t.co/H0lNgAdogV
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
We have become a far greater Economic Power than ever before, and we are using that power for WORLD PEACE!
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Where’s Hunter? He has totally disappeared! Now looks like he has raided and scammed even more countries! Media is AWOL.
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Dealing with @LindseyGrahamSC and many members of Congress, including Democrats, about imposing powerful Sanctions… https://t.co/tQp9x8vL5t
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Do you remember two years ago when Iraq was going to fight the Kurds in a different part of Syria. Many people want… https://t.co/jzDCvT0NAz
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
.....The Kurds and Turkey have been fighting for many years. Turkey considers the PKK the worst terrorists of all.… https://t.co/HzYdswxXOE
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Very smart not to be involved in the intense fighting along the Turkish Border, for a change. Those that mistakenly… https://t.co/jiVhkiScUy
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
The Media is not talking about the big Republican victory last night in Louisiana where a sitting Democrat Governor… https://t.co/UNZdG03EFl
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
A despicable human being! https://t.co/3KpgUuRaXU
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Congratulations to the Great State of Louisiana. A big night. You will soon have a new and wonderful Governor,… https://t.co/PXZLMsCbeD
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
The same people that got us into the Middle East Quicksand, 8 Trillion Dollars and many thousands of lives (and mil… https://t.co/L3a88q6AVQ
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has done a poor job. NOW HE IS IN A RUNOFF WITH A GREAT REPUBLICAN,… https://t.co/e2bxi71Cch
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
The Endless Wars Must End!
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Start thinking about getting bigger tractors! https://t.co/MhmvNhAA4r
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