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Trump News Today

Trump News Today is an aggregation of recent articles, tweets, and video featuring Donald Trump. We try hard to publish content from viewpoints across the entire political spectrum. This site is not intended to favor left or right viewpoints, but rather a source to absorb the overall sentiment of our President in the news.

@realdonaldtrump - about 9 hours ago
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@realdonaldtrump - about 9 hours ago
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@realdonaldtrump - about 9 hours ago
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@realdonaldtrump - about 10 hours ago
A so-called reporter named @JohnJHarwood, who bombed so badly in the 2016 Presidential Debates that I thought he wa… https://t.co/LkZvosEDRe
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@realdonaldtrump - about 10 hours ago
I hope we can get Admiral @RonnyJackson4TX of Texas, who served our Country so well, into the runoff election in… https://t.co/d8da55Awx1
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@realdonaldtrump - about 11 hours ago
Thank you to all of the incredible Law Enforcement Officers in South Carolina tonight. We love you! https://t.co/yoqjwFzqQA
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@realdonaldtrump - about 11 hours ago
It was my great honor to be back in South Carolina tonight, with thousands of hardworking American Patriots who bel… https://t.co/HlNCJfLQvY
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@realdonaldtrump - about 14 hours ago
I am pleased to announce the nomination of @RepRatcliffe (Congressman John Ratcliffe) to be Director of National In… https://t.co/5kaRCEjTlm
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@realdonaldtrump - about 14 hours ago
On my way to the Great State of South Carolina. See everyone soon! #MAGA #KAG https://t.co/cjzElGNyDN
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@realdonaldtrump - about 16 hours ago
Nobody fights harder for Montana than @SteveDaines. Steve is a close friend of mine, a STRONG Conservative, and a t… https://t.co/98OEcVXMlx
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@realdonaldtrump - about 16 hours ago
The Dems are working hard to take the prized nomination away from Bernie. Back room politics, which Bernie is not v… https://t.co/4u50tZyKnC
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@realdonaldtrump - about 16 hours ago
Mini Mike is getting slammed. His debates were, perhaps, the worst in presidential debating history. A total phony… https://t.co/gBK3HhCoyz
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@realdonaldtrump - about 17 hours ago
We strongly stand with Terrence! https://t.co/N4uFExD6Vz
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@realdonaldtrump - about 17 hours ago
https://t.co/xbuiZAdsR7 https://t.co/dv2txSp3ro
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@realdonaldtrump - about 21 hours ago
“You go around Pennsylvania and you see Trump signs everywhere. The Donald Trump situation is bigger than the Reaga… https://t.co/2lE9LbWJXG
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@realdonaldtrump - about 21 hours ago
Worst Polls, just like in 2016 when they were so far off the mark, are the @FoxNews Polls. Why doesn’t Fox finally… https://t.co/1I2Kg7PPZG
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@realdonaldtrump - about 22 hours ago
To the people of South Carolina, Tom Steyer is a joke, laughed at by everyone, a total incompetent. He made money i… https://t.co/ketGOzMbf0
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@realdonaldtrump - about 22 hours ago
Will be in the Great State of South Carolina tonight, 7:00 P.M., for a really BIG Rally. Best place to be is a Trump Rally. See you later!
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
“Federal Court Deals Major Blow To Sanctuary Cities.” @FoxNews In other words, there will be no more Federal Tax D… https://t.co/YIB3KZjSHF
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
The Do Nothing Democrats were busy wasting time on the Immigration Hoax, & anything else they could do to make the… https://t.co/AZIBzeaem6
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
So, the Coronavirus, which started in China and spread to various countries throughout the world, but very slowly i… https://t.co/uz44BxMCsQ
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
So nice! https://t.co/rnhymmWJu6
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
“Diagnosis positive: @CNN is infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I’m calling out CNN for irresponsibly politi… https://t.co/5RGIvaXQCw
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Word is that Mini Mike Bloomberg performed so poorly in the two debates, that he is thinking about dropping out of… https://t.co/VAH8g5EPTQ
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Congratulations and thank you to our great Vice President & all of the many professionals doing such a fine job at… https://t.co/5Yt8uaBEms
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
Do Nothing Democrats were busy wasting their time on the Impeachment Hoax, & anything they could do to make the Rep… https://t.co/eDkyza91K3
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@realdonaldtrump - 1 day ago
“Anti-Trump Network @CNN doing whatever it can to stoke a national Coronavirus panic. The far left Network pretty m… https://t.co/aM25K2Rv8j
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
They spied on my campaign! https://t.co/LpIc3cNBnr
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
[email protected] (R) of Texas-08 loves Texas & our Country. He has been a GREAT Congressman & supporter of #MAGA. St… https://t.co/r0Xh9Biofn
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@realdonaldtrump - 2 days ago
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Court Rules Trump Admin Can Withhold Federal Grants From Sanctuary Cities
posted 3 days ago
@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Nancy has allowed her District to go down more than any other in the USA! Hardly even recognizable. https://t.co/wnABoOQOVe
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
My two great friends. Proud of you both! https://t.co/Fo2CLjc9YZ
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Eric, I can live with that! https://t.co/TtNdK9pg06
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Piers, I like you too! https://t.co/pUe09YlrY0
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Big Rally in the Great State of South Carolina on Friday. See you there!
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
“Every poll you look at shows that Black support for President Trump is growing.” @RealCandaceO @MariaBartiromo
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Big Story, Big Win - Except in the Fake News, which won’t cover it! https://t.co/reWPi2hc4v
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
....during a debate). Pocahontas was mean, & undisciplined, mostly aiming at Crazy Bernie and Mini Mike. They don’t… https://t.co/iKp5a0UbsT
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Crazy, chaotic Democrat Debate last night. Fake News said Biden did well, even though he said half of our populatio… https://t.co/Pul384BRrK
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
I will be having a News Conference at the White House, on this subject, today at 6:00 P.M. CDC representatives, and… https://t.co/YNrfmRylTT
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as p… https://t.co/bVSoM0VMFZ
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Just landed. India was great, trip very successful. Heading to the White House. Meetings and calls scheduled today.… https://t.co/xj0QsusUm9
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
“U.S. acted on the Coronavirus very, very quickly.” Gordon Chang @IngrahamAngle
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Thank you! https://t.co/5DNbnbEtyy
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
Russia wants him to win! https://t.co/bNUeIsqmQX
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
An absolute disgrace! https://t.co/xwmsyitlMh
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
52% in the new Rasmussen Poll. 95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you!
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
....Democrats talking point is that we are doing badly. If the virus disappeared tomorrow, they would say we did a… https://t.co/0jxa57LKPP
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@realdonaldtrump - 3 days ago
CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus, including the very early closing of our bo… https://t.co/4a4Pa8GcQO
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
That is because they cover your favorite President relatively well. @CNN & MSDNC are dying in the ratings! https://t.co/dhlZlbyg2N
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
No surprise! https://t.co/qCcUPsXgG9
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
True, but we are getting it all done! https://t.co/omwdyyPDAX
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
A total miscarriage of justice! https://t.co/zHLo1NL9Sb
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
There has rarely been a juror so tainted as the forewoman in the Roger Stone case. Look at her background. She neve… https://t.co/Tr0BBXPpeG
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is complaining, for publicity purposes only, that I should be asking for more money than $2.5… https://t.co/rItldd8E5F
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
“Sotomayor accuses GOP appointed Justices of being biased in favor of Trump.” @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews This is a t… https://t.co/6x8zfo5CsZ
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
....on all Trump, or Trump related, matters! While “elections have consequences”, I only ask for fairness, especial… https://t.co/XrgUWEAHlS
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
..It has been a scam right from the beginning with the illegally started Mueller Report, FISA, the leaking, lying &… https://t.co/CHnaquATXU
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@realdonaldtrump - 4 days ago
“U.S. Intelligence official overstated assessment of Russian efforts to help Trump.” @FoxNews @GreggJarrett They su… https://t.co/n6JcqUmqCE
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@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
Spelled @GiannoCaldwell!
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@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
Great new book just out, “Taken for Granted, How Conservatives Can Win Back Americans That Liberalism Failed”, by G… https://t.co/6ZdwFjhw2W
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@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
Totally correct! https://t.co/T50h0BftGP
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WSJ News Exclusive | Tapping Trump’s Anger About 2016 Surveillance, White House Seeks Overhaul of Spying Law
posted 5 days ago
@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries.… https://t.co/OwF1dR3caM
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@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
Set up by Schiff’s lies & leaks. Same with the Mueller Witch Hunt 3 years ago! https://t.co/uSzupeHXoq
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@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
https://t.co/UNd3cUGWhz https://t.co/moveFYzKDq
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@realdonaldtrump - 5 days ago
THANK YOU @NarendraModi!🇺🇸🇮🇳 https://t.co/4qsZl8dy7v
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